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2019 Regular Session
Measure Amendment Status Posted Date and Time Exhibit
SB 287 -1 Proposed 2/11/2019 1:49 PM 7
SB 50 -1 Adopted 2/11/2019 3:58 PM 6
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter Exhibit
Preliminary SMS SB 50 SB 50 -1 Preliminary SMS staff
Preliminary SMS SB 287 SB 287 -1 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material SB 287 Matthew Merritt (testimony) Matthew Merritt, General Counsel, Rogue Ales and Spirits 8
Meeting Material SB 287 Eric Brown (testimony) Eric Brown, Assistant Director of Operations, Rogue Ales and Spirits 9
Meeting Material SB 287 Katherine Jernstedt (handout) Katherin Jernstedt, President, Friends of Yamhill County 10
Meeting Material SB 287 SB 287 (witness registration) staff 11
Meeting Material SB 287 Sid Friedman (testimony) Sid Friedman, resident, Yamhill 12
Meeting Material SB 287 Christina LaRue and Anthony Roberts (testimony) Christina LaRue, Co-Executive Director, Anthony Roberts, Co-Executive Director, Oregon Brewers Guild 13
Meeting Material SB 287 Palmer Mason (testimony) Palmer Mason, Senior Policy Advisor, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development 14
Meeting Material SB 287 Ilsa Perse (testimony) Ilsa Perse, resident, Carlton 15
Meeting Material SB 287 Vicki Shepherd (testimony) Vicki Shepherd, resident, Newberg 16
Meeting Material SB 287 Vicki Shepherd (testimony of Joyce Dammon, resident, Newberg) Vicki Shepherd, resident, Newberg 17
Meeting Material SB 287 Ryan Snyder (testimony) Ryan Snyder, Founder, Public Coast Brewery Company 18
Meeting Material SB 287 David Wall (testimony) David Wall, resident, Newberg 19
Meeting Material SB 287 Christian DeBenedetti (testimony) Christian DeBenedetti, Founder and Head Brewer, Wolves and People Farmhouse Brewery 20
Preliminary SMS SB 536 SB 536 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material SB 536 Todd Koch (testimony) Todd Koch, Owner, TMK Creamery 1
Meeting Material SB 536 Tami Kerr (testimony) Tami Kerr, Executive Director, Oregon Dairy Farmers Association 2
Meeting Material SB 536 Dan Jarman (testimony) Dan Jarman, Tillamook County Creamery Association 3
Meeting Material SB 536 SB 536 (witness registration) staff 4
Meeting Material SB 536 Stephanie Gibson-Hawks (testimony) Stephanie Gibson-Hawks, General Manager and Co-Owner, Lochmead Dairy, Inc. 5