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2019 Regular Session
No proposed amendments are available for this meeting.
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter Exhibit
Preliminary SMS HB 3099 HB 3099 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material HB 3099 Ben Bryant (financial impact to NCPRD of Happy Valley withdrawal) Ben Bryant, Assistant City Manager, City of Happy Valley 1
Meeting Material HB 3099 Christopher Crean (summary of affected statutes) Christopher Crean, Beery Elsner & Hammond, LLC 2
Meeting Material HB 3099 Erin Doyle (coalition letter) Erin Doyle, League of Oregon Cities; Cities of Beaverton, Happy Valley and Hillsboro 3
Meeting Material HB 3099 Grover Bornefeld (testimony) Grover Bornefeld, taxpayer and resident, Jennings Lodge; North Clackamas Parks and Recreation Dist. 4
Meeting Material HB 3099 Thelma Haggenmiller (testimony) Thelma Haggenmiller, resident, Oak Grove; taxpayer, North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District 5
Meeting Material HB 3099 Ron Campbell, Geoffrey Janke, and Michael Schmeer (testimony) Ron Campbell, Geoffrey Janke, and Michael Schmeer, The Concord Partnership Board of Directors 6
Meeting Material HB 3099 Chris Lyons, Mark Landauer, and Mike Eliason (opposition letter) Chris Lyons, Clackamas Co.; Mark Landauer, SDAO; Mike Eliason, AOC 7
Meeting Material HB 3099 HB 3099 (witness registration) staff 8
Meeting Material HB 3099 Chris Lyons (impacts to NCPRD of HV withdrawal) Chris Lyons, Government Affairs Manager, Clackamas County 9
Meeting Material HB 3099 Keith Hobson (testimony) Keith Hobson, Director of Business and Facilities, Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District 10
Meeting Material HB 3099 Michael Van Dyke (testimony) Michael Van Dyke, City of Happy Valley 11
Preliminary SMS HB 3272 HB 3272 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material HB 3272 Mary Kyle McCurdy (testimony of Meriel Darzen, Rural Lands Staff Attorney, 1000 Friends of Oregon) Mary Kyle McCurdy, 1000 Friends of Oregon 13
Meeting Material HB 3272 HB 3272 (witness registration) staff 14
Meeting Material HB 3272 Rep. Helm (testimony) Rep. Ken Helm, House District 34 15
Meeting Material HB 3272 Aileen Kaye (testimony) Aileen Kaye, resident, South Marion County 16
Meeting Material HB 3272 Andrew Mulkey (testimony) Andrew Mulkey, Attorney at Law 17
Meeting Material HB 3272 Andy Smith (testimony) Andy Smith, Government Relations Manager, City of Hillsboro 18
Meeting Material HB 3272 Dan Fowler (letter) Dan Fowler, former Mayor, Oregon City; Co-owner, Historic Properties, LLC 19
Meeting Material HB 3272 Kent Ziegler (testimony) Kent Ziegler, President, Oregon City Business Alliance 20
Meeting Material HB 3272 Mickey Killingsworth (testimony) Mickey Killingsworth, Secretary-Treasurer, Jefferson County Farm Bureau 21
Meeting Material HB 3272 Paul Conte (testimony) Paul Conte, resident, Eugene 22
Meeting Material HB 3272 Paul Dewey (testimony) Paul Dewey, Executive Director, Central Oregon LandWatch 23
Meeting Material HB 3272 Sean T. Malone (testimony) Sean T. Malone, Attorney at Law 24
Preliminary SMS HB 3365 HB 3365 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material HB 3365 HB 3365 (witness registration) staff 12
Preliminary SMS HB 3372 HB 3372 Preliminary SMS staff