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2015 Regular Session
Measure Amendment Status Posted Date and Time Exhibit
SB 434 -A2 Proposed 5/4/2015 5:15 PM 2
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter Exhibit
Preliminary SMS HB 2127 Preliminary SMS Staff 3
Meeting Material HB 2127 OR Assoc of Co Assessors Tom Linhares. 4
Revenue Impact Statement HB 2127 HB 2127 A RIS LRO 5
Fiscal Impact Statement HB 2127 HB 2127 A FIS LFO 6
Meeting Material HB 2127 HB 2127A WR Staff WR
Preliminary SMS SB 434 Preliminary SMS Staff 1
Meeting Material SB 434 SB 434A WR Staff WR