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Committee Agendas Online

  • Public Hearing and Possible Work Session
    • HB 2716 A Requires communications made in support of or opposition to candidate to state name of persons that paid for communication.
    • HB 3173 Specifies that when two or more county commissioners are elected for one county at same election and one is elected to fill vacancy, commissioner filling vacancy shall hold office for two years.
    • HB 3239 Removes limit on number of full on-premises sales licenses that distillery licensee may hold.
    • HB 3348 Requires financial estimate committee to file statement "MEASURE SPENDS MONEY WITHOUT IDENTIFYING A FUNDING SOURCE" with Secretary of State upon finding that ballot measure with no dedicated funding source will have financial effect on public expenditures in excess of $100,000.
  • Possible Work Session
    • HB 2983 A Requires covered organizations that make political expenditures in excess of specified amount to file with Secretary of State donor identification list that identifies donors that made donations above $10,000 during election cycle to covered organization.
    • SJR 18 A Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to permit Legislative Assembly, governing body of city, county, municipality or district, or people through initiative process, to enact laws or ordinances regulating within its jurisdiction use of moneys in political campaigns.
  • Work Session
    • Possible Introduction of Committee Measures
Energy and Environment
  • Informational Meeting
    • Invited testimony will be taken first and then there will be an opportunity for public comment.

    • HB 3350 Prohibits sale or use of two-cycle gasoline-powered leaf blowers.

      Invited Speakers
      Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer, House District 46
      Rep. Barbara Smith Warner, House District 45
      Brian Stewart, Replace Now
      Albert Kaufman, Albertideation
      Michael Hall, Board Member, Friendly Streets

Health Care
  • Informational Meeting
    • Invited testimony only
    • HB 3353 Allows nonprofit corporation that provides reduced-cost dental services to underserved populations, including individuals 55 years of age or older or individuals who require accessible facilities, to own, operate, conduct or maintain dental practice.
  • Informational Meeting
    • Invited testimony only

    • Behavioral Health in Oregon
      Steven Allen, Director, Behavioral Health, Oregon Health Authority
      Reginald Richardson, Executive Director, Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission
    • PLEASE NOTE: 8:30 AM Start Time
  • Informational Meeting
    • Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI)
      Legislative Revenue Office
  • Work Session
    • HB 2130 Creates and extends sunsets for certain property tax exemption and special assessment programs.

    • REVISION: Added an Informational Meeting on Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI)
  • Public Hearing and Possible Work Session
    • HB 3448 Requires that, to extent provided by Oregon Liquor Control Commission rules, if wine labeled with American viticultural area in Oregon is labeled with single grape variety as type designation, wine must meet specified content requirements.
    • HB 3450 Allows city with population greater than 75,000 not within metropolitan service district to adopt land use regulations authorizing mixed-use housing within lands zoned for employment uses.
    • SCR 36 In memoriam: George Kenneth "Ken" Austin Jr., 1931-2019.
  • Possible Work Session
    • SB 113 B Provides that retail customer may bring individual action against vehicle dealer that fails to comply with certain requirements related to transfer of interest in vehicle.
    • SB 905 A Establishes resident school district for child whose parent or guardian voluntarily placed child outside child's home with public or private agency and who is living in licensed, certified or approved substitute care program.
  • Work Session
    • Possible Introduction of Committee Measures
Tax Expenditures
    • PLEASE NOTE: 4:15 PM Start Time
  • Public Hearing
    • HB 2270 A Increases tax on distribution of cigarettes.
Ways and Means Subcommittee On Capital Construction
  • Work Session
    • SB 669 Relating to assistance with activities of daily living provided to individuals in their own homes
    • SB 872 Relating to the cost of prescription drugs
    • SB 770 A Relating to statewide health care coverage
    • HB 2005 A Relating to family medical leave benefits
    • HB 2508 A Relating to refugees in Oregon
    • SB 912 A Relating to sexual conduct toward children
    • HB 2436 A Relating to removal-fill laws
    • HB 3145 A Relating to the Public Defense Services Commission
    • SB 5512 Housing and Community Services Department

    • DELETED: SB 861 Relating to elections
Ways and Means Subcommittee On Natural Resources
  • Work Session
    • HB 2073 Relating to forest products harvest taxation; prescribing an effective date; providing for revenue raising that requires approval by a three-fifths majority.
    • SB 5511 Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
    • HB 2579 A Farm-to-School Grant Program